The fee calculator is a highly-customisable table of fees covering all aspects of the conveyancing process which can be merged dynamically into a document template. Designed as a pre-sale tool to estimate all costs for a potential client, it can be configured in the Configuration > Configuration > Fee Configuration panel.

All figures can be overwritten on an individual property-by-property basis. The instructions below refer to the initial configuration of the fee calculator.

There are two different data formats and two categories:


This fee is based on a percentage of the selling price of the property. Different price bands can attract different percentages and this algorithm can be written as follows:

This can be explained thus:
If the price is below 75,000 local currency units (e.g. £, $ or €), calculate the fee as 1.5% of the total. If the price is below 150,000 (but above the first figure), calculate 1.4% and for all other prices calculate 1.25%.

You can add as many price bands as you like; simply separate them with a pipe symbol ( | ).

Stamp duty/LBTT (stepped rates)

Prefix the algorithm with the word ‘Stepped’ per the example below. The fee type for Stamp Duty/LBTT is Purchase outlays.

Fixed fee

A fixed fee is simply written as a figure. Don’t use a currency symbol as this will be automatically inserted depending on your company configuration.

Legal fees

When adding or editing an entry in this widget, ticking the Legal Fees box will group the item in the merged document with other legal Fees items.

Non-legal fees

Leaving the Legal Fees box untucked will group the item in the non-legal fees group which is likely to be termed Marketing costs, or Other fees.