To set up a 3rd party data feed, i.e. Rightmove, follow the procedure below.

  1. In the Configuration menu enter the Configuration section.
  2. In the External Systems widget enter Edit mode and tick the relevant box to enable the feed. Add the relevant agent ID’s and other details if required. Save.
  3. Enter the Attributes manager.
  4. Locate the External Systems group and expand. Tick the feeds required and save.
  5. Locate feed specific fields and enable e.g. Features, RM Summary
  6. BRANCH MODE. If the agency has different branches, each with their own ID, or if only one branch is feeding data, enter the Agency Details menu.
  7. Edit the branch(es) listed and add the branch ID where indicated. Entering a branch ID trumps the global ID and sets BDP in Branch Mode. Only data assigned to that branch will feed under that ID. Save.
  8. Clear the data cache for the firm account. On the dashboard enter the Global Admin widget and click the dustbin icon.

Only when all of the above procedures have been followed will the data feed start to work correctly.