Can I display the property address in the subject line of auto-generated emails?

You can display the property address or any other dynamic information that is represented by a placeholder.

To display the property address in the subject line, enter the following into the rule that generates the email:

Viewing of {{ propertyDetails.formatAddress }}

I’ve forgotten my BDP password.

If you have forgotten your BDP password, you can reset it very easily as follows:

  1. Go to http://bdphq.com
  2. Click the Login link at the top of the page
  3. In the login panel find the link to Forgotten Password
  4. Enter your email address where shown
  5. You will receive an email by return linking you to a page on BDP where you can enter a new password

If you have any difficulties please don’t hesitate to contact us at http://bdphq.com/support.

We have a valuer we use but they are not employed by us. We want to add them into the Valuer dropdowns so they can be flagged against each property. How do we do this?

If you wish to include an individual on the system who doesn’t have log-in authority, like a viewing agent, then they need to be added as non-user staff in the Configuration > Agency Details > Users widget. There is a separate button to add non-user staff. These staff members can then be selected from drop-down lists and appropriate menus, and they will receive automated emails according to any configured rules, but they don’t have the authority to log in to the system.

My original images are huge and taking too long to upload. Help!

Original, full-resolution images direct from your camera are often far too big to use in a website. BDP automatically re-processes all images to ensure that they are the right size, both in terms of pixel dimensions and file size. However huge files take a long time to upload and it is recommended that you re-size all images to 2000 pixels on the longest side. You can use a software application like Adobe Photoshop Elements to do this or use a free online tool such as http://www.picresize.com/.

The speed of image upload will depend on the quality of the internet connection. Typically broadband upload speeds are much slower than download speeds, running at a maximum of 512kb/sec. XDSL, satellite or a leased line solution may be available which is significantly faster.

How often will BDP update my data on other networks?

The majority of feeds to external portals use an API which means that updates are almost instantaneous. Please ask us about specific portals if you require more detailed information.

I want to display sold properties on Rightmove, etc.

It is contrary to the BLM feed specifications (used by Rightmove and Zoopla Property Group) to include Sold properties so BDP excludes these automatically. If you wish to include any sold properties for marketing purposes please set the flag as SSTC (Sold Subject to Contract) and it will be included in the feed. Please note that the inclusion of SSTC, Let and certain other property status flags for a period in excess of SIX MONTHS is contrary to Rightmove’s Terms and Conditions and may be contrary to other third party terms. Please check carefully as we do not accept responsibility for any failure to remove these properties.

Can I use BDP to control my listings on Rightmove, Prime Location, Zoopla, ESPC, etc.?

BDP can feed property data to a number of external systems including Rightmove, ESPC, GSPC, Zoopla, S1 Homes and many more. You can use your BDP account to control which feeds each individual property is added to. By default all properties will be added to all feeds that you subscribe to. Individual properties can be removed via a tick-box in the External Systems & Feeds box.

What size and format should my property images be?

We suggest JPEG format for all property images. The size of property images should be a approximately 1000 pixels in width or height or 2000 pixels if you will be using HD screens for window or in-office displays. Note that other image formats are not as suitable for displaying photographs on the web, although they will work (PNG, GIF). There are size or display limitations with non-JPEG image formats.

How do I create an account?

You can open an account by completing our registration form at http://bdphq.com or calling us on +44 (0)131 516 3411. We are happy to give you a free period to trial the software and so you can add properties to your account and get familiar with the tools in the user interface.

Please do get in touch with us.