BDP Versions

Application Version Release Date
Web Application 1.26.6 15th Oct 2020
Client Login 2.5.2 8th Jul 2020
Outlook Plugin 1.0.0 TBD Jan 2020
Outlook Plugin API 1.0.0 15th Jan 2020

BDP 1.26.6 Release Notes – Released 15th Oct 2020


  • BDP-1686: Telephone number fields are now labelled as Home, Work, Other and Mobile.


BDP 1.26.4 Release Notes – Released 29th Sep 2020


  • BDP-1692: Fixed the LettingWeb feeds.


BDP 1.26.3 Release Notes – Released 18th Sep 2020


  • BDP-1678: Applied LettingWeb changes as requested by them.


BDP 1.26.2 Release Notes – Released 17th Sep 2020


  • BDP-1691: Fixed the Notepad widget.


BDP 1.26.1 Release Notes – Released 8th Sep 2020


  • BDP-1683: Fixed an issue causing some Calendar appointments to not appear in the widget.


BDP 1.26.0 Release Notes – Released 7th Sep 2020

Bug Fixes

  • BDP-1656: Fixed and improved the Users widget in Configuration/Agency Details. 
    • Users assigned to a deleted branch will now appear in the widget.
    • Users assigned to a deleted branch will appear with an error message indicating that the user must be re-assigned to another branch.
    • Updated, tidied up, layout.
    • Users can now be edited by either clicking on the pencil icon as before or on the user’s name.
  • BDP-1657: Fixed the Contact Notes widget. The widget will not break the layout, anymore, when an HTML emails are directly copied as a note.
  • BDP-1663: The Business Rules are now running in correct order fixing an issue where Send Email business rules depend on documents (attachments), that need to be generated by another business rule.
  • BDP-1665: Fixed Property Details widget. The details can now be saved correctly after a failed attempt, due to validation, or having the same widget opened for editing in multiple tabs.


  • BDP-1502: Lettings valuation can now be created from the Calendar. A new checkbox Letting Property is added under Property Details section in the Valuation Appointment form.
    • Note: This is available only if the Lettings are enabled for the firm.
  • BDP-1621: ESPC firms: Added a new requirement that needs to be met in order to successfully feed to ESPC. The Sold Price field is now mandatory only if the property is in one of the following Selling Statuses: Sold, Sold STC or Sold (keep alive).
  • BDP-1633: Added telephone number validation. Incorrect, non-empty, values added to any phone number field will prevent the form from saving.
  • BDP-1638: ESPC Slogan field was renamed to ESPC Publication.
  • BDP-1639: ESPC Publication field is no longer mandatory for ESPC feeds and has now increased characters limit, from 40 to 275.
  • BDP-1651: Improved Marketing Materials widget:
    • Better feedback is now returned to the user when the file upload fails.
    • Most fields will now show accepted formats under the field title.
    • The file size was increased up to 20MB.
  • BDP-1653: Added postcode validation. Typos where a 0 (zero) and o (letter O) can be confusing are now handled and will return an error on form submission.
  • BDP-1659: A new Fee field was added for Purchasers contact groups. The field is per contact group and not an individual contact. It can be found on purchaser creation form or in the Management widget for a Purchaser contact group.


BDP 1.25.3 Release Notes – Released 22nd Jul 2020

  • System updates

BDP 1.25.2 Release Notes – Released 15th Jul 2020

  • System improvements


BDP 1.25.1 Release Notes – Released 10th Jul 2020

Hot Fixes
  • BDP-1648: Fixed the creation and confirmation of valuations.


BDP 1.25.0 Release Notes – Released 9th Jul 2020

  • BDP-1292: BDP users can now add date and time of upcoming live virtual viewings by using the Calendar icon in the Management widget.
  • BDP-1568: Contact’s names for Viewings, Enquiries, Note of Interests and Offers now contain titles, where added.


BDP 1.24.4 Release Notes – Released 8th Jul 2020

Bug Fixes
  • BDP-1647: Fixed the searching for lenders in Lenders widget.
  • BDP-1645: Firm-specific Client Login updates


BDP 1.24.3 Release Notes – Released 30th Jun 2020

Bug Fixes
  • BDP-1601: Fixed the Budget filter on Contacts page.
  • BDP-1610: Fixed the Mark as (Not) Interested button for the following widgets:
    • Property Contacts – when marked as not interested, the contact now disappears from the list.
    • Home Report Requests – when marked as not interested, the contact will appear greyed out.
    • Rightmove Requests – when marked as not interested, the contact will appear greyed out.
  • BDP-1611: Fixed the Archive contact button for Property ContactsHome Report Requests and Rightmove Requests widgets. Clicking the button now won’t take the user to Dashboard.
  • BDP-1622: Fixed the Download button in Marketing Materials widget.
  • BDP-1626: Improvements to image handling. Brochure PDF files created via Brochure Creator will be significantly reduced in size due to improved image resizing.
  • VT2-9: Movie link 2 in Movie Details widget now feeds to Member Portal.
  • VT2-12: Added new checkbox attribute Virtual Tour Available to Movie Details widget. This attribute feeds to Member Portal.

BDP 1.24.2 Release Notes – Released 25th May 2020

Bug Fixes
  • BDP-1566: The selected Property Type is now correctly populated when Purchase Home Report is used.
  • BDP-1567: The selected Surveyor is now correctly populated when Purchase Home Report is used.

BDP 1.24.1 Release Notes – Released 14th May 2020

  • BDP-1608: Movie Details widget can now also be enabled for Lettings.

BDP 1.24.0 Release Notes – Released 7th May 2020

  • BDP-1400: Viewings data can now be exported from Appointments/Viewings page.
  • BDP-1573: Appointments/Viewings page was updated.
    • Open viewings are now also displayed.
    • Updated the layout to be the same as in the Viewings widget.
  • BDP-1552: Added new Entry Date filter on properties’ list page.
  • BDP-1596: Widget updates.
  • BDP-1593: API updates.
    • Added new flag replaceSearch used for Saved Searches. Third-party users can now decide whether to create new search criteria or update an existing one.

BDP 1.23.1 Release Notes – Released 22nd Apr 2020

  • BDP-1569: Internal BDP to Rightmove communication changes.
  • BDP-1583: GSB – Client Login Amendments
Bug Fixes
  • BDP-1581: Fix to CSV report. Viewing Contact is now added correctly to the report.
  • BDP-1586: Fix Client Login not displaying HR when it is present in BDP.

BDP 1.23.0 Release Notes – Released 12th Mar 2020

  • BDP-1560: Client Login update to support new customers

BDP 1.22.2 Release Notes – Released 4th Mar 2020

  • BDP-1563: Viewings – Initials, Day & highlight in Bold

BDP 1.22.1 Release Notes – Released 28th Feb 2020

Bug Fixes
  • BDP-1556: Fix Client Login doesn’t handle viewings created outside BDP

BDP 1.22 Release Notes – Released 27th Feb 2020

  • BDP-1352: Show Email/Document Templates and Business Rules in Alphabetical Order
  • BDP-1357: Show all Viewings and Open Viewings in Date Order
  • BDP-1422: Add Edit Client to Open Viewings
  • BDP-1444: Show Open Viewings Appointments in Client Login
  • BDP-1471: Add About BDP link to here
  • BDP-1472: Remove unused Business Rules ‘Custom Logic’ Action
  • BDP-1519: Add missing Applicant Search fields
Bug Fixes
  • BDP-1476: Fix New Administrator being created as Standard User
  • BDP-1477: Fix User missing Mandatory Email Address
  • BDP-1497: Fix Contact by Email or Text not loading correct data
  • BDP-1522: Fix Missing Property Viewing Contact causing blank Property Page

BDP Release Notes – Released 6th Feb 2020

Bug Fixes
  • BDP-1500: Unable to click attachment buttons after adding Contact
  • BDP-1501: Rightmove Request Acknowledgement button not clickable after opening closed widget

BDP 1.21.1 Release Notes – Released 27th Jan 2020

Bug Fixes
  • BDP-1472: Unable to Edit Open Viewings – Permission Error shown instead
  • BDP-1475: Autocomplete popup prevents entering Contact information directly
  • BDP-1475: Formatting error when two telephone numbers added to NOI/ENQ

BDP 1.21 Release Notes – Released 15th Jan 2020

Bug Fixes
  • OV – unable to click & expand until page refreshed
  • NOI Withdraw Event does not update
  • Contact Notes – Formatting issue
  • Client Login – Placeholder for url not working
  • Rightmove ‘New Build’ flag to be added to Feed
  • Unsubscribe Envelope – not updating on applicant list
  • Contact Notes – Create a search filter
  • Outlook UI
  • Rightmove Requests – Acknowledgement tick box
  • Property Detail Email – Add a Preamble field
  • OV – applicants need to appear in the ‘Property Contacts’ widget
  • Unsubscribe from a Property Alert
  • New Heating Attributes
  • Client Login Customisation