What is the BDP Add-In for MS Outlook

It gives you the ability to add incoming and outgoing emails to a property contact’s notes in BDP.

You are also able to perform a quick search on a property in the Add-In window, and quickly link to the full BDP application.

Installing the Add-In

Install the Add-In manually to your own copy of MS Outlook

  • It is quick and easy to get started with the Add-in
  • This method is only intended for trial and to test Add-ins, so MS Outlook may uninstall the Add-in without warning!

Install the Add-In on to your firms MS Office 365 Exchange server

  • A systems administrator will have to perform this for you
  • The Add-In will just be a few clicks away for use by your entire organisation
  • MS Outlook won’t uninstall without warning

Either way, please speak to your IT Support Team to discover how to install the Add-in for your firm’s particular MS Outlook version and set-up. They will need to contact the BDP Support team at help@bdphq.com for a copy of the manifest.