Fees are in the following categories:

  • Sale Legal fees
  • Sale Estate Agency Fees
  • Sale Outlays
  • Purchase Legal Fees
  • Purchase Outlays

You can set numerous ‘parts’ to each fee section labeling as appropriate. Vat on fees are calculated as normal and all costs can be tweaked on a per property basis.

You can set whether fee ‘parts’ are used by default or not, so you can add optional extras and select them to be added in to the calculator on an ad-hoc basis.

Fee algorithm is a string delimited by a ‘|’ sign for each price tier, which is in turn delimited by a ‘:’ to determine the fee. Append a ‘%’ to make a fee a percentage of the concerning price (purchase or asking as relevant). Each price should be prepended with a ‘<’ and integers only please.

Example Sale Fees:
This says that below £200,000 the fees are a flat £500, thereafter up to £300,000 the fees are 1.5% of the asking price, thereafter up to £500,000 the fees are 1% of the asking price and everything over that is 0.75% of the asking price.

Example Fixed Fee Part (Brochure or Photography for example)
This essentially makes the fee £150 every time.

When adding each ‘part’ you’ll have to specify the following:

·         Part Name – Friendly name of the part, e.g. ‘Sale Legal Fees’. Can be used as a placeholder for document merging, or just for internal use in BDP.
·         Hook – Placeholder name used for document and email merging.
·         Algorithm – Algorithm as mentioned above.
·         Name in Client Login – Fee Name which will be visible in the client login.
·         Show in Client Login – Sets if the fee should appear in the client login.
·         Mandatory – Sets if the fee is used every time, the option for disabling the fee on a per property basis is removed.
·         Default Use – Sets if the fee should be selected by default on each property.
·         Fee Category – Select the appropriate Radio Button

An additional ‘Misc’ category is available for costs that don’t count towards the total fees, but do need to be calculated for document merging, a common example is ‘deposit’.

Once you’ve set the fee parts in the configuration section, you’ll find the fees populate in the fee calculator for each property. The ‘hook’ can be used as a placeholder for populating emails and word documents when generating fee quotations.