BDP and PropertyHive Integration

Any web site can be integrated with BDP using the existing API. However, one approach that has been historically popular with our clients is to use WordPress as a web content management solution, and to integrate with BDP via existing data import/export routes that are already supported by this third party plugin. Additional features unique […]

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BDP API – Developer Documentation

Last Updated: Sept 2021 BDP WebAPI Documentation BDP Rest API Basics The BDP Media restful API allows authenticated users to receive orders for new media and load media remotely. BDP restful APIs follow restful principles. Authenticating a Request BDP APIs use a simplified version of the Amazon S3 method for authentication. Authentication is provided by […]

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Email date placeholder formats

BDP uses the standard PHP Date function to create dates, which enables you to format the date in the way that you choose. For example, an email template contains the following date placeholder: {{ bdDate (action.actionDate,”l, jS F Y”) 1 }} at {{ bdDate (action.actionDate,”H:i”) 1 }} This will display, for example, “Sunday, 5th August […]

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Using onComplete() in the BDP snippet

If you wish to use jQuery in your client’s website that requires BDP to have loaded before executing, you can use the onComplete() function. The following example uses onComplete() in conjunction with the sharrre jQuery plugin to allow social shares of the specific property the user is currently looking at.

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Email templates – adding Applicant and Vendor placeholders

Applicant placeholders. The Applicant details can be retrieved by prefixing available fields with aContact. For example

will insert the group salutation of the contact. The contact group can be drilled-down into. For example:

will retrieve the email address of the primary contact. Available fields for retrieval are: salutation Contents of the Salutation box if […]

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Rule Boolean

Rule Boolean allows you to perform logic on rules. A practical example of this might be “Has the vendor returned the Money Laundering declaration document? If so, do not process next rule, if not process next rule to send a reminder.” Rule Boolean is entered into the Rule Boolean input box when creating or editing […]

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