Applicant placeholders.

The Applicant details can be retrieved by prefixing available fields with aContact. For example

will insert the group salutation of the contact.

The contact group can be drilled-down into. For example:

will retrieve the email address of the primary contact.

Available fields for retrieval are:

salutation Contents of the Salutation box if available. If not, falls back to Title & Surname, if no title, falls back to Firstname & Surname, if no surname falls back to Firstname only.
cTitle Title
foreName First name
surname Last Name
fullName First name and surname together
groupSalutation This is a concatenated salutation for an entire group. The system will try to pair married couples and chain groups of contacts. This can be overwritten in the BDP UI.
houseNo House Name or Number
streetName Street Name
addrL2 Address Line 2
addrL3 Address Line 3
town Town
postcode Postcode
email1 Primary Email Address
email2 Secondary Email Address
tel1 Primary Telephone
tel2 Secondary Telephone
mobile Mobile Number
formatAddress Formatted address
nameString All full names together, comma separated, with ‘and’ before the last name

Vendor placeholders

The Vendor details can be retrieved in the same way as the applicant placeholders, however the prefix is vendorDetails. For example:

You can also drill down into the vendor contacts if there is more than one member of the group. The syntax for this is

where 1 is the first contact in the group.

For example, where a contract requires the names and signatures of all parties we can insert placeholders