Before setting your own business rules to manage the Booking Calendar we strongly suggest that you become familiarised with being able to create business rules by reading this help article:

BDP Command – Business rules walkthrough We recommend that these are initially set-up in the BDP training environment and NOT in the live environment, please contact our Support Team at to:

  1. Request the BDP training platform domain link; and
  2. Provide several email addresses you will need to be whitelisted to enable you to test your set-up

Creating the Booking Calendar rules

There are 10 rules that are required to be set-up in the BDP platform to enable you to take advantage of the ESPC Booking Calendar product. The table below provides a basic outline to enable you to create your own rules:

Rule Name Trigger Event Target Example Preamble
Rule 1 – Viewing Appointment Created BC Viewing Appointment Created Viewing Contact
Rule 2 – Viewing Appointment Accepted BC Viewing Appointment Accepted Applicant
Rule 3 – Viewing Appointment Accepted – XX Hour Reminder BC Viewing Appointment Accepted Applicant
Rule 4 – Viewing Appointment Declined BC Viewing Appointment Declined Applicant
Rule 5 – Viewing Appointment Revised BC Viewing Appointment Revised Applicant
Rule 6 – Revised Viewing Appointment Declined BC Revised Viewing Appointment Declined Viewing Contact
Rule 7 – Revised Viewing Appointment Accepted BC Revised Viewing Appointment Accepted Viewing Contact
Rule 8 – Confirmed Viewing Appointment Cancelled BC Confirmed Viewing Appointment Cancelled Viewing Contact
Rule 9 – Viewer to Open Viewing Added – Viewing Agent BC Viewer to Open Viewing Added Viewing Contact
Rule 10 – Viewer to Open Viewing Removed – Viewing Agent BC Viewer Removed from Open Viewing Viewing Contact
Notes for Rules 9 and 10:

You may wish to set-up a separate rule to send a confirmatory email to the Applicant. If so:

  1. The target should be the Applicant
  2. The placeholder to use for the Applicant is {{aContact.0.groupSalutation}}
  3. Remember to block for Past Events
Rule 11 – Unconfirmed Viewing Appointment BC Viewing Appointment Created Viewing Contact
Notes for Rule 11:

  1. This rule requires a Boolean to be added !action.isConfirmed
  2. To trigger the email one hour before the expected event, please add -1 to the Delay/Advance Time (hrs): section of the rule builder


    1. An initial email will always be sent from ESPC to the Applicant requesting the appointment, subsequent emails will be handled from the BDP rules.
    2. For the reminder email you will want to add an integer (number) to the Delay/Advance field (-24 means 24 hours before the appointment), see this article, para. 6
    3. You may want to add a boolean to some rules so that you have a differently worded email going to the seller when they are managing the viewings to the email you will want to go to a viewing agent. Please see this article for further information on booleans.
    4. Though Open Viewings are unlikely to be happening at the present time due to the various restrictions imposed due to combating the spread of Covid-19, the rules to set-up up and manage Open Viewings are still required.
    5. At least one rule must be set-up for each of the following triggers to enable the Booking Calendar to function:
      1. BC Viewing Appointment Created to Viewing Contact
      2. BC Viewing Appointment Accepted to Applicant
      3. BC Viewing Appointment Declined to Applicant
      4. BC Viewing Appointment Revised to Applicant
      5. BC Revised Viewing Appointment Declined to Viewing Contact
      6. BC Revised Viewing Appointment Accepted to Viewing Contact
      7. BC Confirmed Viewing Appointment Cancelled
      8. BC Viewer to Open Viewing Added
    6. Below is a list of useful placeholders for the Applicants’ details when creating a rule based around the BC Viewer to Open Viewing Added trigger event:
      1. First Name: {{ additionalEventData.applicant.firstName }}
      2. Last Name: {{ additionalEventData.applicant.lastName }}
      3. Email: {{ }}
      4. Phone number: {{ additionalEventData.applicant.phoneNumber }}

Contacting ESPC

Once you have set-up your rules in the BDP platform you will need to contact the ESPC Support Team at to switch on the Booking Calendar tool for you and set the default viewing availability that suits your firm. This default viewing availability can be set-up on a per-property basis, where you can overwrite the default setting.