BDP makes it simple to power full-screen monitors with a slide-show featuring your latest properties. What is included in the slide-show can be controlled directly through the URL and the exact presentation can be controlled through the Branding section in the Config menu.

The web address to call up in your browser is

Where 123 is your account number with BDP. This number can be found in the javaScript snippet in the Configuration section. Look for the line 

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”″></script>

You can then add further parameters onto the URL to tell the system which properties you wish to include. Possibilities include &ft=1, which tells the BDP to include only featured properties, i.e. only those that have been starred in the property listing. This would be entered into the browser address bar like this:

Note that there are no spaces in a URL (web address) and you can add on extra parameters with a “&” character.

For a full list of all the parameters available, link through to this article (opens in a new tab).

Referring to the article you have just opened above, all you need to do is replace


and add the parameter(s) required onto the end.