1. Add valuation appointment
    1. Assigning the Valuer
    2. Selecting the time/date
    3. Adding the Vendor
    4. Adding the property details
    5. Saving v Saving and Confirming
    6. Confirming an already-created valuation
  2. Adding a new property without creating a valuation
    1. Using Complete Address link or not
    2. Adding Display address
  3. Adding details to a property in the system
    1. Completing vendor information
    2. Adding photos
    3. Completing Property Details
    4. Completing Selling Details
    5. Using Property Management
    6. Selecting property type
    7. Checking Google Maps
  4. Making a property live
    1. Check external feeds
    2. What does this mean exactly
  5. Create new viewing
    1. Choosing the viewing contact
    2. Selecting the date and time
    3. Selecting an existing applicant or entering new details
    4. Looking at More details and Buying details
  6. Adding an applicant directly
    1. Understanding the concept of a Contact Group
    2. Adding buying details and why these are important
    3. Find matching properties and email to the applicant
    4. Categorising the applicant and other applicant management options
  7. Finding buyers
  8. Managing viewings
    1. The Viewings page
    2. Adding notes and feedback
  9. Communicating
    1. Send an email directly from BDP
  10. Keeping things tidy
    1. Archiving property and contacts