Within the BDP rule builder, it is possible to have interchangeable blocks of text which appear under different conditions. This may be useful if, for example, you want to email the seller of a property to inform them that EITHER a formal OR an informal note of interest (NOI) has been placed on their property.

Here is an example of this working in practice:

If a formal NOI has been placed, it is likely that you would want to communicate the details of the buyer’s solicitor. If it is informal, it would be likely that the buyer’s own details would be used instead.

“I am delighted to inform you that we have taken a note of interest in the sale of your home. {{ mbdBool (action.isFormal) ? The interest is from the solicitor acting on behalf of [[aContact.primaryContact.fullName]]. }}{{ mbdBool !(action.isFormal) ? The interest is from [[aContact.primaryContact.fullName]]. }}We shall keep you advised of further developments.”

As you can see the Boolean opens with ‘{{ mbdBool (action.isFormal) ?…}}’ This means if the NOI which has been entered into BDP is formal, display this text. The second Boolean is ‘{{ mbdBool !(action.isFormal) ?…}}’ This means if the NOI entered into BDP in informal, display this text instead.

Please note: Any placeholder which falls within the Boolean will need to have square brackets even if it is in an HTML (email) environment. There is a different process for embedding Boolean in Word documents.

Placeholders used in this example – {{aContact.primaryContact.fullName}} – primary contacts (applicant’s) full name.

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