You need to set up a user account for each member of your company who will be using BDP. User accounts come with different privileges which are as follows:

Role Description
Administrator All privileges including ability to create new users
Technical administrator Used to allow web development agency access
Property edit Add and edit properties but not change settings
Valuer Restricted access to property controls but not to applicants
Conveyancer Non-edit access to property reports
Property Advisor Appears in the Property Advisor drop down
Client Care Appears in the Client Care drop down
Solicitor Job title tag.
Negotiator Appears in the Negotiator drop down
Fee Earner Appears in the Fee Earner drop down
Non-user staff No log-in privileges but appears in the calendar and applicable lists.

The Users configuration widget


Administrators have access to all areas of your BDP account including adding and removing properties, applicants, other system users and all areas of account configuration. We advise restricting Administrator privileges to a few trusted individuals in your organisation.

Technical administrator

You will likely want to grant access to BDP to your web developer or in-house technical team, however you probably don’t want them gaining access to your applicant or property database for confidentiality reasons. Technical administration rights grant the user full access to the configuration settings of your account, including the ability to upload custom templates, email templates, set business rules, etc.

Property edit

This is the setting for your property team who use the system from day to day. It allows access to the full set of property and applicant management tools, but not to any of the configuration settings.


Individuals who are marked as valuers will appear in the Valuer drop-down box in the property details page, Management widget.


If you wish to grant access to a conveyancing solicitor they can see all activity related to a property, but they can’t edit or otherwise change the record. This is a view-only privilege.

Non-user staff

You often need to use the names and other details of staff members in email communication, documents, etc., however they aren’t required to use BDP. Independent viewing agents often fall into this category. Non-user staff will not receive a confirmation email when added to the system and are available immediately.

NOTE: After you have added a new user, return to their record and edit to ensure that the correct details, roles and privileges are recorded as required. Not all parameters are available when initially adding a new user record.