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Making a property Live effects a number of external systems and has implications as follows. There is also a basic checklist to follow prior to clicking the “Set Online” button.


  1. In the Selling Details widget has the selling status been set correctly?
  2. In the External Systems widget have any portal feeds NOT required been disabled?
  3. If an ESPC member, has the property been pushed to ESPC and have you logged in to the Member Portal to approve the invoice?

What will happen when you click the “Set Online” button?

Clicking the “Set Online” button (in the top property summary area of any BDP property detail page) triggers a system event. The following will happen:

  1. Any rules that have been set up to send emails, SMS, etc. will run and communication may be sent to the vendor (depending on your configuration)
  2. The property will be sent to all external portals listed in the External Systems widget. Note: Not all portal feeds are “real-time” so the delay in the property appearing may be from several minutes to 24 hours. This is beyond the control of BDP.
  3. The property will appear on your own agency website (providing you are using either the BDP API or jQuery snippet to power it. Please see your system administrator.)