BDP has a powerful Rules Engine which allows you to automate documents and emails. You can select any system event and tell BDP to:

  • Create a Word document or PDF based on a template of your making
  • Send an email based on any template you add to your account. We have a large selection of example templates.
  • Send an email as above but delayed until any number of minutes, hours or days after the event, or in advance of the event
  • Send a calendar appointment in standard .ics format which will be automatically added as a diary entry to Outlook and every other diary system available, including smart phones.
  • Perform any custom logic that you may ask us to develop for your organisation.

System events available are:

Closing Date Set Scotland only
Date of Entry Set Date that the new owner moves in. Completion date in England.
Detail Enquiry (Website) Enquiry received from customer’s website if powered by the BDP jQuery snippet.
Details Request Details requested…
ESPC HR Request Home Report requested from ESPC (Edinburgh only)
Safety Reminder Set When a safety certificate reminder of any type is set.
Home Report Request Home Report requested directly (not via SPC)
Note of Interest Received Scotland only
Note of Interest Withdrawn Scotland only
Offer Accepted Accepted offer amount is entered into BDP.
Offer Received
Payment Received
Property Live The Set Live button in clicked in BDP
Property Offer Type Change
Property Price Change The asking price is changed in BDP
Property Status Change The property status is changed in BDP, e.g. from For Sale to Under Offer.
Property Withdrawn The property is withdrawn from sale.
Rightmove Request A request for further information is received via Rightmove
Sale Complete The property is marked as Sale Complete
Take-On The property status changes to Take-on
Valuation Cancelled A valuation appointment is cancelled.
Valuation Confirmed A valuation appointment created in BDP is confirmed.
Valuation Created A valuation appointment is created in BDP (but not necessarily confirmed).
Valuation Lost A valuation that was performed was not accepted by the vendor, i.e. lost.
Viewing Cancelled A previously booked viewing is cancelled.
Viewing Confirmed A viewing entered into BDP is confirmed by clicking on the confirm icon.
Viewing Created A viewing is created in BDP (but not necessarily confirmed).
Website Mailing List Request A request to join the mailing list is received from the firm’s website (if using the BDP jQuery plugin or REST API).
Website Viewing Request A request to view a property is received via the firm’s website (if using the BDP jQuery plugin or REST API).
Work Order Created Lettings only.
Money Laundering Scotland/conveyancers only. Money Laundering documentation received back.
Brochure approved When the vendor approves the brochure and it is marked as such in BDP.

Using a combination of events and actions you can automate almost any aspect of your administration.