If you will be using property movies, ensure that this is activated in the Attributes Manager (Configuration > Attributes Manager > Video Details).

There are currently two available options (Shoothome ref. and Movie link), however please ask us if you wish to add a currently unsupported supplier.

Shoothome is a specialist supplier of property movies and it will supply a unique reference to you. This should be entered into the box provided and will cause an opaque “play” button to be overlaid on the property images when displayed in your website. Clicking this play button will cause the movie to pop up in a separate window overlay.

The second box can be used for movies from YouTube, Vimeo and other hosts. Simply paste the full YouTube link into this box and it will appear as an overlaid movie player on top of the property details in your website.

If you are an ESPC subscriber (Scotland only) you can paste a link to the property page on your own website into the Movie Link box and this will cause a movie button to appear in ESPC which will link back to your website where users can play the property movie.