Once you have created a set of templates and fee parts if required, creating a new document based on any of your templates is very straightforward.

In the Property Detail screen, open the Document Store widget by clicking on the heading if it’s not open already.

Adding a document based on an existing template

  1. Click the Word icon in the top right of the widget
  2. A dialogue box will appear in the centre of the screen showing a list of all document templates you have created. Select the template you wish to base your new document on.
  3. If you wish to include any preamble or edit the default preamble, do so in the box displayed. The preamble is inserted where the placeholder [var.preambleText] is in the template.
  4. If your new document refers by date to an existing document, select the existing document from the drop-down list. An example of this is a reminder letter that refers to the original letter.
  5. Click Generate Document.

The document then appears in the list of documents associated with that property. You can click the Word icon next to the actual document itself to download a Microsoft Word document or you can click the PDF icon to download a PDF of the document.

Emailing a document

Any existing document can be emailed to the vendor. The email will be based on the email template selected from the drop-down list and will be sent to all the vendors associated with the property.

  1. Click the @ symbol icon in the top right of the widget. A panel slides open from the left.
  2. Select the email template
  3. Select the document you wish to email to the vendor(s)
  4. Choose whether you wish to send the document as a Word file or a PDF. PDF is un-editable.
  5. Enter a subject for the email into the Subject box
  6. Enter the body copy for the email in the box labelled Preamble.
  7. Once the Subject box has been filled in, a Send button will appear.

Uploading non-system-generated documents

You may wish to store a document not generated by the BDP system against a property record. To do this

  1. Click on the Up arrow icon in the top right of the widget, or click the button at the bottom of the widget “Click here to add a new document”
  2. A dialogue box appears. Fill in the name you wish to use to refer to this document
  3. Click the browse button to locate the document file on your hard drive or network
  4. Click the Save button to upload and save the document.