The listings returned by BDP can be controlled via the URL (web address) parameters of the page called. This is referred to as a Search Query and takes the form outlined below. This enables you to have a menu on your website that could be, for example, linking to properties by area, properties by price or by number of bedrooms.

We have tried to include a number of examples below, but if you are having difficulty generating the specific search you need, please use our support ticket system to get in touch.

The search query forms a standard url query string, except that is starts with a ‘&’ instead of a ‘?’. A search url should be of the form:

In all examples on this page ‘’ should be replaced with the Listings Page URL, on many sites this may be The Listings Page URL can be set in Domain Details on the Technical Configuration page in the User Interface.


Search Parameters

Variable Name Use Type
keysearch Boolean based free text search
pricefrom Minimum price Numeric
priceto Maximum price Numeric
priceto Maximum price Numeric
bedRoomsMin Minimum number of bedrooms Numeric
bedRoomsMax Maximum number of bedrooms Numeric
tt Transaction Type, 1 for lettings, blank for sale Numeric
location_rad Radius in km to search within Numeric
ls Location, City name, postcode, valid address Text
xarea Excludes City/ Town of property Text
area Specifies City/ Town of property Text
ptype Comma-separated list of property type ids, See Property Types Numeric
ft Featured Properties, 1 for only featured, blank for all properties. Numeric
ord_type Specifies the order in which the results appear, see Search Ordering Options. Text
nres Number of search results to retrieve per page. Default is 12. When used on home page limits total number of results (no pagination on home page). Numeric
branch the id of the branch is expected here. Numeric
espcDistricts Comma-separated district ids are excpected Numeric
statusid set to 311 = For Sale, 164 = Available, 165 = Sold STC and 167 = Under Offer status. Separate multiple statuses with comma. Numeric
hoffl when set to ‘On’ this will exclude all properties that have a Feed Status of Offline. Text

Search Ordering Options

Search ordering parameters define the order in which the property results appear, this is set using the ‘ord’ value in the query string. The default is asking price in descending order.

Parameter Value Use
decprice Results ordered by price in descending order (Default).
ascprice Results ordered by price in ascending order.
latest Results ordered by creation date in descending order (Newest to Oldest).
marketDateLatest Results ordered by market date in descending order (Newest to Oldest).
marketDateOldest Results ordered by market date in ascending order (Newest to Oldest).

Search Query Examples


Look for lettings outside Edinburgh under £1000


Look for sales properties between £200,000 and £300,000


Look for all lettings in Edinburgh


Look for all flats for sale in Edinburghunder £500,000


Look for all terraced bungalows to let


Look for all flats for sale in Edinburgh under £500,000 in ascending order of price


Look for all flats for sale in Edinburgh under £500,000 in ascending order of date marketed

Property Types

The following table shows available property types and their corresponding ids. Parent Ids (in bold) will look for all child types, eg Id 47 (Flat / Apartments) will look for all forms of Flat.

typeId superType propertyType
49 Houses Terraced
50 Houses End of Terrace
51 Houses Semi-Detached
52 Houses Detached
53 Houses Mews
54 Houses Cluster House
72 Houses Link Detached House
73 Houses Town House
74 Houses Cottage
75 Houses Chalet
76 Houses Villa
79 Houses Finca
107 Houses Village House
121 Houses Semi-detached Villa
122 Houses Detached Villa
280 Houses House Others
281 Houses House with land over one acre
437 Houses Attached Cottage
438 Houses Attached Villa
440 Houses Conversion
442 Houses Detached Chalet Villa
443 Houses Detached Cottage
445 Houses End Terrace Villa
449 Houses Linked Villa
450 Houses Lower Conversion
451 Houses Mid Terraced Cottage
452 Houses Mid Terraced Villa
455 Houses Quarter Villa
459 Houses Semi Chalet Villa
460 Houses Semi Detached Villa
461 Houses Semi-Detached Conversion
462 Houses Semi-Detached Cottage
463 Houses Split Level Villa
464 Houses Terraced Villa
466 Houses Townhouse
55 Flats / Apartments Flat
56 Flats / Apartments Studio
57 Flats / Apartments Ground Maisonette
58 Flats / Apartments Maisonette
59 Flats / Apartments Bungalow
77 Flats / Apartments Apartment
78 Flats / Apartments Penthouse
82 Flats / Apartments Serviced Apartments
94 Flats / Apartments Duplex
95 Flats / Apartments Triplex
127 Flats / Apartments Hotel Room
128 Flats / Apartments Block of Apartments
129 Flats / Apartments Private Halls
264 Flats / Apartments First Floor Flat
265 Flats / Apartments Second Floor Flat
266 Flats / Apartments Maindoor Flat
267 Flats / Apartments Basement Flat
268 Flats / Apartments Fourth Floor Flat
270 Flats / Apartments Upper Flat
271 Flats / Apartments Lower Flat
272 Flats / Apartments Third Floor Flat
273 Flats / Apartments Top Floor Flat
274 Flats / Apartments Ground Floor Flat
277 Flats / Apartments Fifth Floor Flat
282 Flats / Apartments Garden Flat
283 Flats / Apartments Garden & Ground Flat
284 Flats / Apartments Penthouse Flat
285 Flats / Apartments Ground & Basement Flat
286 Flats / Apartments Double Upper Flat
287 Flats / Apartments Lower Ground Floor Flat
288 Flats / Apartments Sixth Floor Flat
289 Flats / Apartments First Floor & Ground Flat
291 Flats / Apartments Mews Flat
439 Flats / Apartments Attic Flat
447 Flats / Apartments Flat Lower Cottage
448 Flats / Apartments Flat Upper Cottage
465 Flats / Apartments Top Flat
467 Flats / Apartments Upper Conversion
468 Flats / Apartments Upper Villa
492 Flats / Apartments Lower Villa
61 Bungalows Bungalow
62 Bungalows Terraced Bungalow
63 Bungalows Semi-Detached Bungalow
64 Bungalows Detached Bungalow
290 Bungalows Linked Bungalow
441 Bungalows Detached Chalet Bungalow
66 Mobile / Park Homes Mobile Home
89 Mobile / Park Homes Park Home
114 Mobile / Park Homes Caravan
68 Guest House / Hotel Hotel
69 Guest House / Hotel Guest House
102 Commercial Property Restaurant
103 Commercial Property Cafe
104 Commercial Property Mill
105 Commercial Property Trulli
106 Commercial Property Castle
123 Commercial Property Bar
124 Commercial Property Shop
279 Commercial Property Commercial
110 Land Farm Land
111 Land Plot
120 Land Off-Plan
269 Land Single house plot
303 Land Estate
444 Land Development Site
453 Land Residential Building Plot
454 Land Residential Development Site
456 Land Residential Flat Development
457 Land Residential House Development
458 Land Residential Portfolio
81 Character Property Barn Conversion
92 Character Property Farm House
93 Character Property Equestrian
96 Character Property Longere
97 Character Property Gite
98 Character Property Barn
99 Character Property Trulli
100 Character Property Mill
101 Character Property Ruins
108 Character Property Cave House
109 Character Property Cortjito
112 Character Property Country House
113 Character Property Stone House
115 Character Property Lodge
116 Character Property Ruins
117 Character Property Log Cabin
118 Character Property Manor House
119 Character Property Stately Home
125 Character Property Riad
126 Character Property House Boat
446 Character Property Farmhouse Steading
90 Garage / Parking Parking
91 Garage / Parking Garages
278 Garage / Parking Lock-ups & car parking
85 Retirement Property Sheltered Housing
276 Retirement Property Retirement
87 House / Flat Share House Share
88 House / Flat Share Flat Share
275 House / Flat Share Timeshare
48 Not Specified Not Specified