BDP allows you to add staff photographs which can be output to your own website. This can be useful when associating a specific negotiator with a property.

To upload a staff photo,

  • Enter the Configuration menu and click on Agency Details.
  • Open the Users widget
  • Click the + sign next to any user to enter the edit mode.
  • Using the browse button, locate the staff image on your hard drive or network and upload.

Adding the photo to the property details on your website

The staff picture can be added to the BDP output by customising the standard BDP template and adding the following:

To break down the above line:

This first part is a boolean statement that asks whether a picture for the staff member exists in the first place. If it doesn’t, it will skip this element. Note that Boolean can be used throughout the BDP templates.

The second part specifies the image source and the dimensions. Finally it takes advantage of standard placeholders to add a meaningful Alt tag to the picture.