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When creating a new viewing, the available viewing contacts will be different depending where in the system you are creating the viewing from.

From the calendar

BDP does not know which property you intend to view when you click from the calendar, therefore Vendor is not available as an option.

You will see a drop-down list of all negotiators and viewing agents who are set up in the system as viewing contacts. Alternatively you can choose “other” and manually enter the details of the person who will conduct the viewing.

Once you have selected the property to be viewed (using the “type-ahead” function in any address field) and saved the viewing, you can click on the entry in the calendar and you will see that the vendor is now available to select as a viewing contact.

From the property record

When you are in the individual property record BDP knows the property you wish to view therefore is able to offer a choice of viewing agents from the drop-down list, the vendor or “other” to be filled in manually.

To select the applicant who wishes to view the property, using the “type-ahead” function, start typing either their first name or surname and select them from the short-list presented.

From the applicant record

When creating a new viewing from the applicant record, BDP doesn’t yet know which property you are interested in, therefore Vendor is not available as a viewing contact. Enter the property of interest using the “type-ahead” function as above and save, then when you return to the viewing you will see the option to select the Vendor as viewing contact.

After creating the viewing

In all circumstances viewings need to be confirmed after they have been created. This can be done either from the Viewings and Offers widget in the main property details page, or in the Viewings tab, available just below the property summary. Alternatively you can locate the viewing in the calendar, open it and click “Save and confirm”.

Note that all calendar viewings that are unconfirmed will appear as opaque and once confirmed will appear as solid.