BDP features two checklist types – the standard (default) single checklist which simply allows you to create a flat list of items. Alternatively you can activate Multi-Checklists in the Account Configuration widget allowing you to build up a series of different checklists, each with their own unique set of items, which appear in the Tasks widget on the dashboard.

Standard Checklist

Checklist builderThe standard checklist widget allows you to build checklist items as required and display them in every property detail screen. Checklist items can help in monitoring events in the sales, purchase and general conveyancing process.

  • The status of checklist items is changed by clicking the icon next to the item which cycles through To Do, Doing and Done states.
  • Changing the state of a checklist item fires an event which can be used by the Business Rules to automate any process.

To create a standard checklist do the following:

  • In the Configuration screen look for the Checklist Items widget.
  • Click to add a new item
  • If required, click the edit pencil icon and drag the item into the order you want.

This checklist will be available on every property details page in a tab immediately below the main property summary header.

Items added to the standard checklist will also appear in the list of system events in BDP Command, the rule and automation engine. It is therefore possible to trigger actions when users complete a checklist task, like creating a document or sending an email or SMS.

Multiple checklists

To create multiple checklists in the form of Tasks, please see the dedicated Tasks help page.