Attributes manger

This section allows you to customise certain fields in your property listings. It is divided in to the following broad categories:

  • Property Type
  • Address details
  • Property details
  • Selling/Letting details
  • Video details
  • External systems
  • Documents

Property Type

This is a hierarchal list of all the different types of properties and follows Rightmove's published specification. You can un-tick any property type that's not relevant to your business to make listings management more efficient.

Address details

This allows you to add two additional address lines if required and to remove the option of a Display Address.

Property Details

This allows you to change the number of special features allowed, whether or not to display a summary, and a large number of other fields. These should all be self-explanatory, however if you have any difficulty please send us a support ticket.

Selling/Letting Details

This allows you to change the available status options, price qualifier options, and other fields related to the price and status of a property. Of particular note is that you can optionally have different price qualifiers for Rightmove and DPG, meaning for example that you can display POA on your own website, but Offers Over on DPG.

Video Details

This currently supports Shoot Home in Edinburgh. If you wish to include video please send us a support ticket and we will work with you to integrate your videos.

External Systems

This allows you to activate just those external portals you actually subscribe to.


This allows you to select which documents you would like to be able to associate with your properties.