Applicant buying searchYou can store multiple letting searches against a tenant. Each search can be named to make it easy to recognise in the list.

To create a new search

  • click the button “Click here to add a new letting search”.
  • Give the search a name
  • Fill in as many or as few of the fields as required
  • Click Save

Using an existing search

Once a tenant search has been entered into the system, it appears in the Letting details widget. There are a number of tools now available, presented as icons. From left to right they are:

  • Edit the search criteria
  • Remove the search from this widget
  • Search the property database and email the results to the tenant
  • Search the property database and display the results in the UI (user interface or admin panel). This will include properties that aren’t necessarily online.
  • Search the property database in the website. This will display the results in your website and will only include properties that are online.

Buying search widget