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The fields in the Selling Details widget can be managed (on a per firm basis) in the Configuration settings and can contain the following information:

Estimated Value

This value can be used in the Fee Calculator widget to help calculate fees based on what you initially value the property on, rather than the price the property is to be advertised at.

Sale file reference

This is your internal reference assigned to the sale of the property.

Client has conveyancer

A checkbox to record that your client already has a conveyancer in place. You can record the 3rd party solicitor in the Solicitor Details widget.

Client has Will

A checkbox to record that your client already has a Will in place.

Mortgage on next purchase

A checkbox to record that your client already has a Mortgage in place for their purchase.

Initial Purchase Price

A freetext field to record the amount the owner originally paid for the property.

Mortgage Value

A freetext field to record the amount the owner has outstanding on their mortgage.

Initial Purchase Date

A freetext field to record the approximate date the owner purchased the property.

Reasons for Sale

You can record any reasons the Owner has given for wanting to go on the market and advertise their property for sale.

Improvements Made

If the Owner has explained why they are wishing to go on the market, their reasons can be recorded here.

Valuation Appointment

This displays the date and time the valuation was booked, it cannot be amended.

Market date

This is the date that the property first came on to the market. This is automatically set by the system to be the date when the property is first set to Online, however it can be overridden manually by entering edit mode and clicking in the date input box.

Home Report value (optional)

The value put on the property by the surveyor carrying out the Home Report (Scotland only). This field can be included in the client’s website as part of the BDP output and can be accessed in email templates and Word document templates.


The price the property is being marketed at. Displayed in the default currency as selected in the Account Configuration widget (Configuration menu).

Price qualifier

This is a drop-down list of price qualifiers that conform to the BLM3 specification.

  • Default
  • Price on Application
  • Guide Price
  • Fixed Price
  • Offers in Excess of
  • OIRO
  • Sale by Tender
  • From
  • Shared Ownership
  • Offers Over
  • Part Buy Part Rent
  • Shared Equity
  • Offers Around
  • Price From

Selling status

The selling status is set by choosing the appropriate item from the drop-down box. These entries conform to the BLM3 specification with the exception of “Withdrawn” and “Temp withdrawn” which are for ESPC clients in Scotland.

Missives Concluded

A checkbox to allow you to record that missives have been concluded.

Sold date

This is the date that the status of the property in BDP is changed to Sold.

Sold price

This figure is manually entered and can be accessed by email and document templates and contributes to global firm statistics.

Date of Entry (Completion date)

Date of completion or conclusion of missives in Scotland.

Date Offer Accepted

Allows the offer date to be recorded and captured.

Date Missives Concluded

If missives have been concluded, you can add to the property record.


You can record the percentage fee you have quoted.

Fixed Fee

Record the fee amount that was quoted to the seller.


Notes logged here WILL be recorded in the Property Log.