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This widget contains important information about the day-to-day management of a property.

The management widget is used to assign members of staff to the property as provided for by the BDP administrator. Any staff with the relevant role assigned will be available in the drop-down lists and can be selected. This ensures that automated messages set up in the system will reach the appropriate person or people.

Signs can also be ordered through the management widget. Your BDP administrator will configure the system so that clicking on the relevant icon at the top of the widget will send an order automatically. It is possible to

  • Order a new sign
  • Re-order a sign
  • Request the sign be removed

There are input boxes in the management widget for

  • Viewing information (times, restrictions, etc.)
  • Key information (location of keys, alarm code, etc.)
  • Sign information (sent to the sign company. Where the sign should be located)

You can set the default viewing contact for the property, however this can be changed on a case-by-case basis as necessary.

You can enter the agency term if this option is active on your account.


If your agency has multiple branches, you can select which branch is marketing the property. By default this will show the branch that the currently logged-in negotiator is associated with.


By default this will show the name of the currently logged-in negotiator, however another negotiator from the company may be selected from the drop-down list and the property assigned to them. If this item is not visible please see your BDP administrator.


If you wish to assign an individual valuer to a property you can select their name from the list here. For Valuers to be visible they must have been added to the system by a BDP administrator.


You can add the conveyancer acting for the property in question to this widget and they will be able to log in with their credentials and gain access to view the property record. For conveyancers to be visible they must have been added to the system by a BDP administrator.

Viewing info

This input is designed to hold any information about how and when applicants should be shown around the property. For example, it may be noted that between certain hours or on certain days viewings are inconvenient.

Key info

Information about the location of the front door key can be held here, along with burglar alarm information, etc.

Sign info

Information about sign positioning, fixing, etc. can be stored in this text box.