Property documents are distinct from the Document Store widget

The documents panel is for attaching key documents to a particular property.

If powering your website with the BDP jQuery Snippet these documents are automatically included in the output on your website. If using the BDP API, you will decide with your web development team where this output is included.

  • PDF. This will make the PDF brochure available via the Brochure link on the front of your website.
  • Floor plans (JPEG or PDF). Floor plans uploaded in JPEG or JPG format will appear in a special zoom-viewer linked to under the main property images in your website. The higher-resolution the originals you upload here, the better the outcome on your website. Floor plans uploaded as PDF will be available via the Floor Plans link on the property detail page of your website.
  • EPC graphs. Upload the Energy Performance Certificate here in PDF format.

All of these documents are fed to third-party portals according to the third-party’s specification.