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Google Maps widget

BDP uses Google Maps to set the location of the property. You can set the exact location of the property on the map in this panel and you can output the related street view. Simply drag the marker to the required position.

Sometimes Google struggles with the postcode entered for the property. This normally happens when a new build property is being listed. In these circumstances Google will either place the map marker at 0° latitude and 0° longitude, or sometimes will place the map marker in an unexpected position. In these circumstances you can set the correct map marker location by zooming out till you can see the map marker, and then move it to it’s approximate position, zoom in a bit to the new position and adjust and so on until the map marker is correctly placed.

When you have made any adjustments to either the map or to Street view, press the save icon to save your changes.

The icons, from left to right, are as follows:

Save changes

This will save any changes you have made to either the map marker or Google Street View.

Match map to street view

You can drag the street view window around with your mouse to identify the actual property for sale. Once you have the street view window correctly positioned, you may wish to bring the map into line. Click this icon moves the map.

Match street view to map

You may want to position the marker on the map by dragging it around. Once it is in the correct location you can click this icon to bring the street view window in to line with the map. Clicking this icon moves the street view window while the map stays static.

Reset map to address

If you wish to reset the map to centre on the postcode and address of the property, click this icon. This changes both the map and street view


Link to this help page


This resets the map to it’s previous state without making any savings

Note  If you prefer a satellite view instead of a map, simply change the Google Maps view to Satellite and save. This will display the satellite image in your website instead of the map.