This widget is divided into the following sections:



If an offer is received, click “New offer” in the left-hand Tools (under the main left-hand menu). This opens a sliding panel where you can fill in as many details about the offer and offeror as you have. This information is then summarised in the Offers widget.

Notes of Interest (Scotland only)

If you are a Scottish subscriber you are able to activate Notes of Interest in the Account Configuration panel. To add a Note of Interest against a property, click the link in the Tools menu to the left and fill in as many details as you have into the form in the sliding panel.

Enquiries (web)

If you receive a property enquiry either via your own website or via a property portal (not all portals currently feed back information to BDP), the enquiry appears in the dashboard in the summary list, and once marked as qualified, it appears in the Enquiries (web) widget.

Enquiries (office)

If an applicant walks into your office or calls you on the phone, you can add ann enquiry manually by choosing Add Enquiry from the left-hand Tools menu. This opens the sliding panel where you can enter as much information as you have available.


To add a viewing either click Add Viewing in the Tools menu to the left or click in the calendar on the dashboard. All viewings will be summarised in this widget.