The calendar widget displays a full-width calendar which has three views: Day, Week and Month. It is designed to function in a similar manner to Microsoft’s Outlook calendar and should be familiar to most users.

To create a new event, simply click in the calendar on the date and approximate time required. This can be changed or refined, so don’t worry about clicking exactly in the right place.

You are then able to select from the following event types:

  • Advice appointment
  • Certificate reminder
  • Closing date (for Scottish clients)
  • Inspection
  • Misc
  • Out of Office
  • Take-on
  • Valuation
  • Viewing
  • Work order

N.B. More event types may be added in future.

General notes on creating appointments

Once you click in the calendar in some free space the sliding panel is revealed allowing you to input the appointment details.

Click in the date field and a calendar pops up to enable you to precisely control the date and time.

Many appointment types have an end time to allow you to specify the duration. The default duration is 30 minutes.

Type any part of a property address into the address box and BDP will suggest address matches as you type. Click the property you are interested in from the list that BDP displays and its address will be inserted into the box.

If appropriate, assign the appointment to a member of staff.

Type any notes into the free-text notes field and save the event.

Many event types require confirming once created in order to trigger any associated rules. Unconfirmed events are displayed as opaque, confirmed as solid colour.

The event will now appear in the calendar and in the property record. You can also use the Business Rules tools to trigger the creation of documents, emails, SMS, etc. on creation of a Closing Date event.

If you do not see the event you have created, check that the member of staff to whom it is assigned is ticked in the staff list to the right. You can keep the calendar display clean and clear by filtering members of staff using the staff list on the right, and only appointment types you are interested in by using the mini toolbar at the top of the calendar.

Event types

Advice appointment

Set staff member, start time/date only, address and notes. Duration can be changed by dragging the handle and the bottom of the appointment block once created.

Certificate reminder

Set staff member, start time/date, address, certificate type, certificate title and notes.

Closing date

Set date/time, property address and notes.


Set staff member, date/time, inspection type, inspection title, address and notes.

Misc event

Set staff member, if a repeating event then frequency, start time, end time, associated property and applicant(s) if applicable and notes.

Out of Office

Set staff member, if repeating event then frequency, start time, end time and notes.

Take-on appointment

Set staff member, start date/time, property and notes.


Set staff member, start and end date/time, vendor details, property details, key property facts (these will vary according to your account configuration) and notes. Adding a new property here adds it to the property database with a status of pre-valuation.


Select the viewing contact, start date/time, property, applicant(s) and notes. If the applicant is already in the database, typing their name with instantly search for matches so you can select from the list. If they are not in the database, fill out their details and they will be added.

Work Order

Set staff member, work completion date/time, company to carry out the work, the property address, a summary of the work and the full details of the work.