A Vendor can be added in two ways:

  • Via the “Add a new vendor” link on the Vendors listing screen (Contacts > Vendors menu)
  • Via the Owner details widget in the property details page

Clicking to add a new vendor in the vendors listing screen brings up a form to be completed with all available details. When finished click the Proceed button to add the vendor to the vendor database. It may be necessary to refresh your screen to see the new entry in the list.

To add a property for sale to the vendor, click on their name in the vendor summary listing (Contacts > Vendors menu). In the Vendor details screen, click to add new property and enter the property details in the form displayed.

NOTE: A vendor can comprise of more than one “contact”. To add a further contact to the vendor record, click on the vendor name to enter the vendor details screen. In the Contact Details widget, click the “Add an new contact” button and fill in the form displayed. Leaving the “Email updates” button checked will ensure that this additional contact receives any emails sent to the Vendor. Un-checking it removes them from the email distribution list for that vendor.