A property can have one or more owners who can be stored in separate records in the Owner Details widget. There will be a primary contact and other additional contacts may be added.

The tools available in this panel are:

  • Set a call-back reminder
  • Remove owner (vendor) from property
  • Add a new owner record
  • Link to this help page
  • Refresh the panel without saving changes

If no owner (vendor) details are associated with a property there will be a link in the widget "Click here to set vendor details". Click the link and a pop-up form will appear.

Start typing the owner details. If the owner is already in the database, their name will appear as a link that can be clicked to pre-populate the form. You can add additional data that may be missing from the record of an exiting owner, or you can type new details afresh as required.

The first owner record attached to a property will be the default owner. If you add other owners to the record, an icon will appear allowing you to select which one is the default contact.