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As you can imagine, there is a lot of information provided via the property team within BDP that would be useful for the next stages of a conveyancing transaction. This includes key information such as the property address and client details, as well as documents including the sales particulars and Home Report. When pulled through from BDP, this information will automatically feed itself into the correct location within the case file in Altis. This innovative feature will save you time and resources by eliminating the need for double-keying information and re-uploading documents. Obviously it only works if the firm is using both BDP and Altis, and if this is applicable here is the step by step on how it works:


  1. Contact BDP customer service to configure your account correctly, allowing the link with your Altis account to be created. They can be contacted on 0131 5163411.
  2. When selecting a property to send to Altis, ensure that an offer has been accepted (navigate to the Offers & NOI tab and click the clipboard icon with the tick to accept) and the email address of the purchasing solicitor (as this isn’t a mandatory field in BDP, please ensure details are added when offer is accepted) matches that on Altis.
  3. Ensure the Solicitor option is selected in the Attributes Manager of BDP if it isn’t displaying in the Management widget and that the Solicitor is selected from the dropdown. It’s useful if the Conveyancer drop-down is also populated. Both should pull through to Altis if the email addresses in BDP match the email addresses in Altis.
  4. Ensure that the date of entry and sold price are updated in the Selling Details widget. Both can be enabled from the Attributes Manager if they’re not displaying in the account you’re using.

Once the above steps have been completed, press the Altis logo on the toolbar and you will receive confirmation that it was successful.bdp send to altis

  1. The information which will pull across includes;
  • Property address
  • Seller’s name (if more than one, all sellers name’s should pull through)
  • Any document showing in the Document Store
  • The brochure and home report from the documents widget (*please note that media is not showing in UAT at the moment so you will have to upload these documents again, however as the MoveMachine home report is entered into the External Systems & Feeds widget, this will pull through and show in Altis)
  • Lender
  • Date of entry
  • Sold price
  • Who the other side of the transaction is. A new transaction will be created in Altis for this firm and will appear on their dashboard.

In Altis:

Once successfully sent through, the transaction will appear in Altis in line with the rest of the transactions. If your firm would like to receive notifications once this transaction is in Altis, this can be set up as a rule to notify the appropriate personnel.